14-18 Western Front Route
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14-18 Western Front Route

100 km - 394 meters

The Western Front Way takes you through the devastated and later restored landscape along the front line of the Great War. You zigzag on either side of the front line, where you come to understand how strategic that landscape was in wartime. And you see the action unfolding via bunkers and dug-outs, trenches, bomb craters and underground tunnels. At the many impressive military cemeteries, you taste again the silence.

You pass the Albert I Monument in Nieuwpoort and cross the area between the Yser and the old Frontzate railway, which was purposely flooded in 1914. Would you like to rise above that flat landscape? In Diksmuide, you can climb the 84-metre tall Yser Tower. Take a short rest and then continue your tour along highlights such as the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 and a little way farther, in Ypres, the Peace City, beside woods and the famous Ypres Salient. The route brings you finally to the charming Mesen, passing the story of the Battle of Messines around Wijtschate.

More than a hundred years after the First World War, the Westhoek welcomes you with open arms in a landscape where nature and history merge beautifully. The cycling paths are, incidentally, as excellent as the hospitality. You can choose whether you start the Western Front Way in Nieuwpoort or Mesen - follow the signs and you can’t miss your destination.