Hill Route
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Hill Route

459 km - 3974 meters

Our hills, that’s where our great Belgian cyclists are made - and broken. During the classic tours, such as the Wall of Geraardsbergen, but equally on the hills around Kortrijk and the constantly undulating landscape of the Limburg fruit orchards.

So, massage your calves and prepare yourself for a route that takes you through these regions. In Limburg, you can first compare apples with pears and then settle down on a terrace for a good glass of beer. In Flemish-Brabant, you can once again pick up the trails of the draft horses, crossing streams and winding through woods, with wonderful views along the way. And then? A real Geuze. Or perhaps a Hoegaarden. In East Flanders, you cross the hills and woods of the Flemish Ardennes. If you cross the province’s border, you’ll be surprised by Kortrijk and its challenging ridge of hills between Scheldt and Leie. Even farther into West Flanders and you’ll come face to face with the Kemmelberg, the most famous (and infamous) climb in the Heuvelland.

Whether you just do part of this route or follow it from the beginning to the very last hill, this is a route that is littered with history and where pit stops allow you to taste mattentaart - a regional speciality made from curds - and enjoy the hospitality of the many brown cafés. The best of both worlds, as they say.